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Here's some pictures of cool stuff (mostly Falcon related) that I found in our local recycling facility. It's a BIG yard, way out in the boonies (7 miles North of I-20 on FM600) and they save a lot of old cars.  If you are interested in anything, contact them directly: FM600 Wrecking, 9402 West Lake Road, Abilene TX 79601 - (915)672-2597  (800)234-2319

69 Mercury Cyclone - Here's a car I visit every time I come to FM600. It still looks fast, even laying there in the dirt. Don't get any hot ideas - the left rear quarter and floor are long gone. It still has a few parts, including the steering box. If I read the fender tag correctly, it was 302 equipped.
61 Falcon - very few pieces left on this one.
61 Falcon wagon - some trim here, but it's been dead quite a long while.
61 Ranchero - this one looks almost ready to drive out!