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Abilene Dragstrip - Abilene's new 1/8 mile race facility
Abilene Performance Car Association
ALTO Automatic Transmission parts
AOD Fundamentals and Improvements
Auto Krafters Home Page
Automotive Swap Meet
Big Country Mustang Association
Car Craft Magazine
Comp Cams Directory
Crane Cams
Dale Wilch Sales & Mfg
DFW Motorsports - Fairlane/Torino/Ranchero info/rear end width data
Eaton Springs
Edelbrock Performance Products
Falcon Registry - Registry/Info/VIN decode
FOMOCO Obsolete
Ford Obsolete Engine Textbook (a worthy replacement for the V8 Workshop!) from FOMOCO Obsolete
Ford 335 Series Engine Forum
Ford Falcon on the Web
Ford Motor Company
Holley Performance Products
Hotrods and Classics - Slang
Merkel, Texas
Muscle Motor Parts - used racing parts - good tech articles
Mustang Club of America
Northwest Classic Falcons
Pate Swap Meet - Grandaddy of N. Texas swaps
Plano Dave's (THOrne's Castle)- Home of the Ford Falcon News
Powered By Ford
TCI Automotive - Transmissions and accessories
The Pantera Place - 351C and Pantera information
Use of unleaded gas in in cars designed for leaded gas
Wake up and smell the nitro - Drag Racing online

Manufacturers of interest that do not have web pages:
Tubular Automotive (Engine swap/street rod headers)
248 Weymouth St.
P.O. Box 279
Rockland, MA 02370