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Short Block: 351C - Bored, line-honed, balanced.  Stock rods - shotpeened with ARP 180K psi bolts. Zero decked, Sealed Power forged flattop pistons.  Compression: 9.3:1 with open chamber heads.
Bore & Stroke: 4.030x3.500 (357 CID total)
Heads: Cleveland 1971 2 bbl open chamber cast iron - owner ported with 4V  valves installed. Considerable assistance provided by Samford Racing Heads, Abilene TX 325-695-3015
Cam Specs: Crane PowerMax H-288-2
I: 226 Degrees @ .050 / 105 Degree lobe center
E: 230 Degrees @ .050 / 115 Degree lobe center
I: .528/E:.536 lift 110 LCA
Valves: I: 2.19 E: 1.71 Manley Stainless Steel, 10 Deg locks, Crane adjustable rocker conversion kit and Harland Sharp roller rockers.
Timing: Locked at 38 total
Carb/Fuel: 750 DP, ProForm body, billet base and blocks, 140 GPH Mallory pump and return system, 10 gallon fuel cell
Intake: Parker Funnelweb 2V single plane, 1" Moroso 4 hole plastic spacer, K&N 3" x 14" filter.
Headers: Tubular Automotive #ES-27 - 1 3/4" primary, 34" tubes, 16" long 3 "dia collectors w/crossover tube, HPC coated. 3" pipes with crossover, Dynomax 3" Bullet mufflers with turndowns
Ignition: MSD distributor with Mallory VI microprocessor ignition control & coil, Accel 8mm wires
Power: Estimated: 385ft/lbs@4400, 395HP@5400 (Engine Analyzer 3.0 - Corrected to Std. Dyno)
Transmission: C4 with stock front band, Art Carr servo, Alto clutches (5 / 5 ), manual reverse valve body. 4200 stall Art Carr 10" race converter
Rear: 9" Ford, 28 spline stock axles, 4.56 Richmond gears, Moser spool.  Housing constructed by Currie Enterprises.
Tires: Front: M/T 27.5" Front Runners, Rear: M/T 28-10.5x15 ET Drag
Suspension: Front: Competition Engineering 3 way adjustable shocks with stock springs, Rear: South Side Machine lift bars, CE three way adjustable shocks with stock leafs. 
Weight: 2940 w/o back seat - approximate, have not weighed since roll bar install