Wreck of the ol' 351C 4V

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Or - Gone in 15 seconds

This is the result of the failure of an overstressed or defective new replacement stock exhaust valve. Others that run 351C's have had similar experiences. The engine had seen 6000 RPM maybe 15 times and had accumulated a total of 1445 miles since new. It took about $3000 to recover from the failure of a $9 part when a $12 part would have prevented the whole mess. Take my advice - run stainless one piece valves if you can.

WARNING! These are explicit photos and may cause queasyness for some gearheads.

Totally bent and twisted. After this photo, I  discovered another rod that was bent due to hydraulic lock. The bent rod and piston are now desk display items in my office at work. Home Improvement: A window where there was once only a wall. Want to know what a TRW forged piston will put up with? Take a look.
The culprit: Manley stock exhaust valve head separated from the stem. Note the extra ventilation in the head. The abused looking item on the bench is the valve head.