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When we bought this car in 2004 on the cheap and it had a rebuilder 351W that couldn't get out of it's own way. Internal inspection of the 351W revealed broken rings in #4 and #8 and dished pistons with so much deck clearance that figuring compression was a joke. So we swapped in the 302 that was in her old 67 Mustang racer. In the winter of 2006, we swapped motors between the Falcon and Mustang. The Falcon had a new motor under construction for 2007 and the 2V was promised to the wife. Since the new motor was behind schedule, the lady got the best bullet. The 351C 2V was freshened up and a new Funnelweb intake and 750 DP with Quick Fuel parts was thrown on top. The 2V engine is pretty simple, with US open chamber heads cut to 74cc chambers, Manley stainless valves, home port job (240 cfm intake/200cfm exhaust @ .500), reconditioned stock rods with ARP bolts and TRW forged pistons. It runs a stock cast crank held in with ARP studs and the whole bottom end is balanced. Ignition consists of a Mallory 685 box and matching coil triggered by a MSD billet distributor. The cam is a Crane hydraulic flat tapped stick, with 226I / 230E duration and .528/.536 lift. A Crane adjustable rocker conversion kit with Harland Sharp rockers take care of lash adjustments. The C4 is home built, using a B&M kit, Alto clutches and a hand-me-down TCI 3500 stall converter. A new 9" rear was built from a Currie housing using a Richmond 4.56 gear set, a swap meet score 28 spline Moser spool and the stock 28 spline axles. The suspension mostly stock, with Moroso Trick springs in front, CE adjustable shocks all around and South Side Machine bars under the leaf springs. A 10 gallon aluminum fuel cell replaced the leaky stock tank and uses a 110 GPH Mallory pump to move the fuel. The car has been consistently in the 7.80s and recently (April 2008) ran as quick 7.71 @ 88.4. (all times 1/8 mile).
Debbie raced a 67 Mustang for the first time in 1999 at the Abilene Shootout.. Unfortunately, the car blew it's power steering gear after the second time trial.  We then converted the car to manual steering.  At the 2000 Shootout, she took second place in Street Trophy.  Now we know who's the racer and who's crew in this family.  Since the Abilene Dragstrip opened in 2003, a Mustang from this family has been in the winner's circle many times.